I used to be a Banner and Broken inflatable - Colourful Larger Pouch and a little wonky

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This handmade zipped large pouch made from a banner and a broken inflatable  that were all going to waste. Both of these materials are really difficult, if not impossible to recycle. One side of this pouch includes two original stoppers from the inflatable. Due to one of the stoppers being close to the bottom corner (and i didn't want to miss it off!) the pouch goes slightly wonky one side where the stopper is, there is also a slight crinkly in the inflatable materials in this corner but the price reflects this, it also makes this item more unique!

The pouch has a zip that measures 9 3/4” long and this is also the length of the pouch. The height of the pouch is 8 1/4” approx. Made in Cornwall.

Please note, as this item is hand made with upcycled materials, not everything is precise and there may be some markings or signs of wear or wrinkles in the inflatables, but this is the beauty of the product. All measurements are as accurate as I can get them but approximate. Banner items may show signs of wear with use.  Due to the materials this item is made from, making it sturdy, the corners do not turn through fully crisp. We try and upcycle as much material as we can, but other components used on these items such as zips and webbing straps are not always repurposed, but they are where ever I can get them. Please note, our items are not suitable for children.

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