I used to be a broken Inflatable and Banner - Rainbow Crown

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Brand new Flotsam Flo items! A Christmas Crown made from broken inflatables and banners, which can be used again and again. This crown is handmade and individually drawn and cut out (no templates!) and stitched on in an organic fashion which adds to the beauty of this item. Perfect for Christmas!

As this crown is hand drawn, the front section of the crown varies slightly. Each crown has ribbon at the back which means they can be tied into a bow AND it means the crowns are very adjustable. Perfect!!

The front of this crown, the material section measures 11" across. At the highest point, this crown is 5.5" high. When the ribbon is tied, the smallest this crown goes to is approx 16" but this goes much bigger and is adjustable due to the ribbon tie at the back.

If you would like specific colours or shapes stitched onto these crown as in a bespoke item please message me as this can certainly be done.

ATTENTION: Please note that these crowns are not toys and not suitable for children due to the ribbon. These are designed for Adults only.

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