I used to be a Broken Wetsuit - Christmas Tree Decoration

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NEW FOR THIS YEAR! Christmas Decorations made from Broken wetsuits. Here is a Christmas Decoration in the shape of a Christmas tree. it has some decorations on it and even a yellow star at the top. This item is hand made, with all of the shapes being hand drawn (no template used!) so all very unique. This item is made from a broken wetsuit, which are really difficult to recycle and as well as this, the loop to hang the item from is made from the zip pull of a broken wetsuit. I like experimenting with new shapes and I made 2 Christmas tree shaped decorations. However, due to the neoprene material, the corners of the Christmas tree at the bottom have curled slightly and the star was tricky to sew because of the material. SO this item has turned out a little wonky so I will be selling these for less (and maybe not making any more unless I find a solution to this curling edges.

The decoration itself measures in total 6 3/4” high at the longest points, including the loop to hold the item and to the very bottom.  At the widest point, which is the base of the tree, the decoration is 3 1/4” across. The decoration itself excluding the loop at the top is approximately 4.5” high. The loop is 2". This is a flat item that is only designed to be seen from one side. I have included pictures of the front and back of this decoration. 

Please note, as this item is hand made with upcycled materials, not everything is precise and there may be some signs of wear or markings, but this is the beauty of the product. All measurements are as accurate as I can get them but approximate.

 WARNING: This is a decoration and not a toy. It is unsuitable for children as it contains small parts that may cause choking.

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