I used to be a Wetsuit, Radiator Reflector and plastic wadding - Outdoor Sitting Mat

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A brand new Flotsam Flo item! Here is one of our very first outdoor sitting mats. This product is an outer cover, made from a broken wetsuit that can't easily be recycled. This has an envelope fold so you can get the middle section out and so you can easily wash the wetsuit outer if needed. This is a circular shaped mat, which is made from silver reflective radiator backing (this is brand new but is offcuts that were not needed) and plastic wadding, originally from packaging. This makes a lovely squishy mat for you to sit on when you are out and about. There is also a loop on the outer wetsuit material, which is made from the zip pull of a broken wetsuit!

This item has been lovingly handmade in Cornwall, from materials that can't easily be recycled. The item measures 11.5" at its widest point and the whole outer diameter is 36" approx.

Please note, as this item is hand made with upcycled materials, there may be markings or signs of wear. Not everything is precise but this is the beauty of the product. All measurements are as accurate as I can get them but approximate.

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