I used to be broken plastics - Smaller Poppy Brooch/Hair Clip

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Here is a Poppy made from upcycled plastic items that cannot easily be recycled. This item has a metal clip on the back (not a pin!) So can be used as a hair clip or be clipped onto garments as a brooch or such. I have 4 of these Poppies that have come out slightly smaller (As they are all hand drawn). 

As these items are hand drawn and handmade, the size of the poppy you will receive will vary but will be approx 2" - 2.5" across at the widest point. Please note, you will not receive the exact poppy in the picture but one very similar to this. You will receive one poppy. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Poppy Appeal. 

As items are all hand drawn (not using a template) and handmade they will all vary in size and shape. Please note that there may be some marks or signs of wear on this item due to upcycling materials.

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