I used to be off cuts of canopies - Lunch Bag

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Here is a handmade square bag made from off cuts of canopies. These items are plastic based and super difficult, if not impossible to recycle so we give them a second life. This item is a square/box shape. Off cuts of canopies have been used to make this bag but then I have used even smaller offcuts, from larger items, that I have then stitched on top of this bag. This means this bag is a true one off due to how the individual pieces have been stitched on top, no pattern has been used for these smaller decoration pieces. A truly unique bag.

The bag is made of four sections which are approximately 7.5” across x 9” high. However, due to the style of the bag the width can go to 15” wide at the top when the bag is flat due to the way the bag folds and remains 7.5” approx across at the base. (please message me for more info/questions if needed. It really is a cool, versatile bag!) The webbing strap measures, from the top of the bag, 13” long. As this is made from upcycled materials, there may be marks or fading areas but this is the beauty of the material, making it even more individual.

Please note, as this item is hand made with upcycled materials, not everything is precise and there may be markings as this is a recycled fabric but this is the beauty of the product. All measurements are as accurate as I can get them but approximate.

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