I used to be Offcuts of Canopy and Broken Inflatable - Pink and Purple Cow Print - Coin purse

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This zipped coin purse is handmade mostly from Offcuts of canopy that were going to waste and a Broken Inflatable. These materials are really difficult to recycle. This item is like a 'cow print' pattern on some of the outside but it uses the colours pink and purple! This pattern has been made by hand cutting out shapes (not using a template) and then stitching them on top of the material before making the item. Each of the shape which creates the 'cow print' effect has been individually cut and stitched on. This means that this item is a true one off. As I use off cuts given to me, these colours I have are currently limited so there will only be a certain amount of these coloured items I can make until the material runs out, before receiving more off cuts of waste, but no colours are ever guaranteed. This is the first time i have seen purple in this off cut material!

The zip measures just under 4” long and this is the measurement of the coin purse across also. The height of the purse is 4” approx. It is slightly wonky as to be expected! This item is not lined, simple and effective and perfect for keeping items together. 

Please note, as this item is hand made with off cut materials, there may be signs of wear and markings. These items are not waterproof and intended as a purse only. Not everything is precise but this is the beauty of the product. Some items may be slightly wonky and not exactly straight, including how the corners have turned out due to the thickness and durability of material. All measurements are as accurate as I can get them but approximate. We try and reuse as much material as we can, but other components used on these items such as zips and webbing straps are not always repurposed, but they are where ever I can get them and will state if they have been repurposed. Please note, Flotsam Flo items and this item is not suitable for children. 

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