I used to be Plastic based fabric and Silver Faux Leather - Coin Purse

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Here is a handmade zipped coin purse, made from a a plastic based fabric and silver coloured leather. I believe it is faux leather but I am not 100% sure. I was given the silver item and couldn’t resist the patterned material from our local charity shop. The patterned material is a limited amount so I have only made a handful of items from this.

The zip measures 4 1/4“ inches long approx but gets slightly wider towards the base. this item is a bit organic shaped but look how cool it looks! The height of the purse 4 1/4" approx. This item is not lined, simple and effective. 

Please note, as this item is hand made with upcycled materials, there may be markings and signs of wear and not everything is precise but this is the beauty of the product.

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