I used to be a Broken Wetsuit - Cushion cover with Cushion

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This cushion cover is made from a broken wetsuit. Parts of the wetsuit have been cut into flat sections, like the arms and the legs, and stitched together to create a cushion cover. This item comes complete with a cushion. Due to stitching together parts of a wetsuit, these items are truly unique and one offs. Wetsuits can take up to 100 years to biodegrade so when thrown away, they usually end up in landfill on incineration. 

 This item measures 14" across and 15" high, approximately. The cushion cover has been created using an envelope fold at the back, for ease to take the cushion out for washing or such. Not only does this item look good, it's also a great conversation starter. 

Please note, all items are hand made and because of the nature of the material, will never be square so their shape is slightly organic. As this item has been repurposed from a broken wetsuit, there may be some signs of wear or even some sand....

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