Supporting Charities

Flotsam Flo isn't just about taking waste and turning it into items. Helping others lies at the heart of everything Flotsam Flo stands for. In July 2022, my vey close friend, Keren sadly passed away from cancer. I just couldn't believe this and was so upset. Keren had supported Flotsam Flo from the very beginning, giving me lots of ideas as she was so creative herself. Keren was carfed for in her final days by Cornwall Hospice Care. In support of this Hospice, I made a bag from pink inflatables, which was donated to Cornwall Hospice Care to raise money.

A truly sustainable circular economy

They have since donated all of their marketing banners for Flotsam Flo to use, as well as inflatables that cannot be reused from their charity shops. Not only does this save having to pay for these items being collected for waste but it also solves the problem of items going to incineration. These banners will be turned into future products. Children’s Hospice South West have since joined the movement and also donate their banners too. A truly sustainable circular economy. Flotsam Flo also took part in the Rainbow Run in June 2023, in support of CHSW, which of course included tutus made from repurposed plastics!


In November 2021, the vaccination tent at Flotsam Flo's local GP surgery was vandalised. It had been taped up but it just was an eyesore in the community. Driving past daily and wondering what she could do to help, Flotsam Flo cut out heart and hand shapes from broken paddling pools and other plastics (representing the support in the community) and stitched them together, adhering them onto the vandalised areas.

Helping others is at the heart of everything Flotsam Flo stands for. For example, watching the start of the war in Ukraine, led to making products out of yellow and blue items (from broken inflatables) and giving 100% to a Ukrainian charity, raising a total of £400, as well as links with local charities.

"Helping others is at the heart of everything Flotsam Flo stands for. "