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Flotsam Flo workshops are here!! This is so exciting. Our Workshops will be held at Flotsam Flo HQ near Redruth and there will be a maximum of a group of 4. At these sessions, you will not only learn about plastic waste but you will also learn how to use a sewing machine.

You will be able to rummage through our treasure trove of broken plastics and choose an inflatable to work with. After this, we will teach you how we cut out shapes using patterns. You will then learn about the sewing machine and how to use them.

This picture shows one of our first Flotsam Flo workshops, where we made tote bags, all made from scratch. Not only will you be helping to save our planet by reusing unrecyclable materials, but you will also be learning amazing new skills.

"I felt immediately welcome and relaxed. I liked that you were up for trying something new even though it turned out being your back pack pattern. You are a good listener, you understood straight away what I wanted. I felt totally at ease with your methods of working. You had all the materials and an excellent knowledge of your machines and materials. Lovely snacks too. I'm going to treasure my lovely bag. You are an absolute star." - Liz, Workshop Attendee

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workshop feedback

"I have followed Flotsam Flo for a while now and have brought some lovely items from her. I love the whole ethos of reusing items that can't be recycled, I think what Flotsam Flo is doing is amazing.

I was brought a tote bag workshop for my birthday, the children were very excited to see what I would make. I was a bit nervous as I am not confident using sewing machines and have never attempted to make a bag. Kate reassured me every step of the way and helped sort out any problems that occurred. I really enjoyed the workshop, the time went so quickly! 

I love my bag even if it is a bit wonky and feel proud that I made it. My daughter said "Mummy you are so clever" but I think Kate is the clever one.

Thank you Flotsam Flo."

- Emily, Workshop Attendee

You will be able to make your own items from materials that can't easily be recycled, just like Flotsam Flo! You can even bring your own inflatable or broken plastic item to see if we can use it to turn into a new product.

Not only will you be taking home an item that you have handmade, but you will also be learning techniques about how Flotsam Flo uses materials as well as design, making and sewing machine skills.

We know there are a lot of issues going on in the world, there is so much pollution and waste but as we always say, we can’t do it all but we can do our bit.

Read about our current work shops and sign up to them by clicking the link below. Workshops are currently in place until January.

We also offer one to one workshops for just £25 per hour. Message us for more.

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craft sessions and talks

The most recent project Kate has worked on was Hellfire Kernow in Redruth, run by Golden Tree Productions. Kate was the creative maker for the Angels Kryw and ran community making sessions and made items for the day. Where possible, items were used that cold be repurposed, such as used tetra pads to make headdresses and off cuts of fabric to make battle skirts.

Kate has also held talks at local Women's Institutes, so if you are a school, community group or organisation interested in learning about waste and what Flotsam Flo does, please contact us for information and rates.

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"We can't do it all but we can do our bit"

Teaching and workshops

Educating others is part of the Flotsam Flo mission and we have given workshops in schools and the community to raise awareness of plastic waste and sustainability. Not only does this help educate the next generation, but it also shows ways to be be creative with waste, helping to build their own sustainable, circular economy.

Kate taught in secondary schools for 10 years, teaching Art, Textiles and Design Technology. Often observed as an outstanding teacher, this also included teaching 4 years in an SEMH school. Holding Flotsam Flo workshops is a natural progression for this business, building on experience and sharing skills and knowledge. Workshops can be held as a half a day or full day. Workshops include talking about the problem of waste and plastic pollution, what can be done, creating designs for new products, showing exemplar work and joining methods, with students then making their own product from waste.

As Kate taught Art for many years, she is also available to run Art workshops, the most recent one was held with Cornwall Performing Arts.

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