I used to be Offcuts of Canopy and Broken Inflatable - Handmade Pink and Purple Cow Print - Adult's Smaller Backpack

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WHAT A SPECIAL ITEM!! This cow print has been made by cutting out 'cow print' type shapes by hand and stitching them individually onto the bag. This is time consuming but makes an incredible product. None of the items will have the same pattern as they are all cut out by hand. This smaller backpack is made mostly from Offcuts of Canopy that were going to waste and a Broken Inflatable. These materials are really difficult to recycle. This item is like a 'cow print' pattern on some of the outside but it uses the colours pink and purple! As I use off cuts given to me instead of going to waste, these colours I have are currently limited so there will only be a certain amount of these coloured items I can make until the material runs out, before receiving more off cuts of waste, but no colours are ever guaranteed. This is the first time I have seen purple in this off cut material! 

This bag has a fold down top and close with a plastic clip. They have a handle so they are easy to carry and two adjustable backpack straps. Perfect to store your items for walks and more! The webbing strap by the clip also has part of a punctured inner tube to keep the end of the strap safe. This bag is handmade in Cornwall.

This bag measures when closed, 13 1/2” high and 10” across tapering to 6 1/2” approx across at the base. Unfolded, when fully open, the bag is 19” high. What is great about this bag is it has a tapered base meaning it’s roomy with a boxy base. This then tapers towards the top. The back pack straps go to about 37” at the longest but of course these can go smaller also as they are adjustable. Please check the sizing will suit your needs before purchasing. Due to the nature of the material used, this bag is organically shaped and may be slightly wonky and organic shaped in areas, but this is the beauty of this material! 

Please note, as the material used it repurposed, there may be some signs of wear or markings on these items but this is the beauty of them. Although the fabric is very waterproof, it is important to know that the bags are not waterproof due to the stitching used to create these items. We try and reuse as much material as we can, but other components used on these items such as zips and webbing straps are not always repurposed, but they are where ever I can get them. If they have been repurposed i will always specify this, if not please assume they are new components. As with all Flotsam Flo items, this item is for adults and it is not suitable for children. 

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